​​​​10/7/15 - Tiers and Ranking for Community Input

10/1/15 - New project scoring tools based on the release of the 2015 NOFA are now available.

Rapid Rehousing Scoring Tool

Permanent Supportive Housing Scoring Tool

8/31/15 - Two new project scoring tools have been finalized and are posted below:

Rapid Rehousing

Permanent Supportive Housing

Feedback and input should be sent to: feedbacksdcoc@gmail.com by close of business on Tuesday, September 8.


FINAL 2015 Renewal Project Local Ranking - FINAL Posted 8/13/15


2015 Eligible Renewal Project Local Score - DRAFT

2015 Renewal Programs Local Evaluation Process & Appeals Form

Scoring and Ranking of Projects for HUD 2015 NOFA Presentation 

Instructions for printing an Entry/Exit Report to accompany the Supplemental Application

​The 2015 HUD NOFA Scoring Tools have been finalized and are available  for self-scoring purposes.  The Scoring Subcommittee appreciates the thoughtful community input received to assist in the development of the tools, and a Community Input Response Matrix is also posted in the Evaluation Advisory Committee section.  While self-scoring is optional this year, the Supplemental Application is required and is due by close of business, June 5, 2015.  It should be submitted to Pat Leslie at patricialeslie@pointloma.edu.  Technical assistance will be available between June 1-June 5.  If your organization would like to request technical assistance, please e-mail available times to: feedbacksdcoc@gmail.com. A time will be confirmed via a response e-mail.

2015 Scoring Tool - FINAL

Permanent Housing Supplemental Application

Transitional Housing Supplemental Application

Final Community Input Responses


Click here for Evaluation Advisory Committee Tasks and Timeline

In accordance with the action approved at the April 23, 2015 RCCC Governance Board meeting, the Project Scoring Committee will use the APR data contained within the HMIS system for scoring of projects for the 2015 HUD NOFA.  To ensure sufficient time to complete scoring activities, projects are advised that all data must be complete and accurate within the HMIS system no later than close of business, May 15, 2015.  The Regional Task Force on the Homeless will run the APR data for scoring purposes on May 16, 2015.

At the April 23, 2015 RCCC Governance Board meeting, a standardized letter of support process was adopted for projects to follow when requesting a letter of support from the Continuum of Care. The process can be downloaded 


NOFA Updates

Weekly Update - November 4, 2015



​​10/30/2015 - NOFA Update

Final Ranking

10/26/2015 - NOFA Update

2015 Project Ranking and Allocation​​

2015 Appeals Policy and Form - Final Ranking​

10/21/2015 - NOFA Update

10/15/2015 - NOFA Update

​Clarification to the Weekly Update Posted October 14, 2015

10/14/2015 - NOFA Update

NOFA Update - October 14, 2015

10/7/15 - The Following NOFA documents are now available:

Weekly Updates - October 7, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

Tiers and Ranking for Community Input

10/5/15 Call for 2015 Projects is posted. Visit the 2015 HUD CoC NOFA page for more information. 

10/1/15 - Please note that the RCCC website will be updated every Wednesday by noon with NOFA updates and important information. 

The following documents are now available:

NOFA Calendar
NOFA Summary and Highlights
New/Bonus Tool:  Rapid Rehousing
New/Bonus Tool:  Permanent Supportive Housing

Given the requirements of the NOFA, a community input meeting has been scheduled to gather feedback on strategies to use for placing projects in tiers and reallocations.  The forum will be:

October 6, 2015
3851 Rosecrans Street, Coronado Room

Visit the 2015 HUD CoC NOFA page for more information. 

Continuum of Care


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