San Diego Regional 

Advisory Committees

Please consider volunteering to help end homelessness and promote the creation of more affordable housing in San Diego by joining the volunteer advisory committees for San Diego’s Regional Continuum of Care Council (RCCC). Applications and volunteer job descriptions can be downloaded here. Thank you for your vested interest in ending homelessness and we hope you will join us in this exciting opportunity!
The RCCC Governance Board has established several Standing Advisory Committees which are responsible for the ongoing work of the continuum of care, including providing advice and recommendations on key issues and community initiatives.
Advisory Committee Purpose
Membership participation on Advisory Committees is considered vital for optimal functioning of the RCCC.  Advisory Committees will participate in the work of the RCCC and provide critical input and recommendations to the Board.
Each Committee will have a Chairperson and either a Co-Chairperson or a Vice-Chairperson elected by Committee Members annually.
Except as otherwise authorized by the Governance Board, advisory committees of the RCCC will be comprised of members of the RCCC and at least one board member and any other members invited by committee chair.
Issuing Recommendations
For decisions about new issues or actions not listed in this section as Board responsibilities, the Board will make a decision after soliciting and considering recommendations from an existing Advisory Committee, or the Board will form a new Task Group or Action Committee to consider the issue and provide recommendations. The Board will ensure that all RCCC members receive an invitation to join the new Task Group or Action Committee or to participate on an Advisory Committee for the purpose of providing recommendations regarding the issue.

Committees Overview

Nominations/Selection Committee

Review and vet Board Member nominations; Review solicitation responses and provide recommendations to the Board

Evaluation Committee

Provide project and CoC evaluation information and support

Fundraising Committee

Provide CoC sustainability recommendations and support

Data Committee

Review data analysis, systems mapping, Point in Time Count, etc.

Subpopulations / Coordinated Intake

Provide information and planning for subpopulations, and plan for local implementation of Coordinated Intake and Assessment

Continuum of Care