Continuum of Care


San Diego Regional 

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Member Responsibilities

1.  Review and approve Governance Charter and all amendments at least annually; 

2.  Attend annual and quarterly meetings;

3.  Ratify full slate of Governance Board Members annually;

4.  Voluntarily participate on Advisory Committees; and

5.  Elect Full Membership Liaison Representative from the Board.

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Member Rights

All Members shall have the right to speak at meetings; to vote on matters before the RCCC, subject to the voting privileges set forth herein Section 5.10; and to participate in RCCC activities.

 ​​​Interested organizations and individuals can join the RCCC by attending a regularly scheduled meeting, completing a membership application, paying an annual membership fee (waivers available), and committing to participate in the work of the RCCC to achieve stated purposes and goals. RCCC members obtain and retain voting privileges through attendance and participation in accordance with established policies.


Members verify the required commitment to the work of the RCCC by preparing a written statement as part of the membership application that identifies the components of the RCCC work that the organization will participate in. An Organizational Member may designate up to three (3) persons annually who are authorized to represent the organization at RCCC meetings. Any one organization can only have one vote.  Individuals may also become members of the RCCC.

 ​​​Membership is open to organizations and individuals who support the RCCC’s mission. Those seeking membership must complete an application and make their request at any meeting of the RCCC. At the next regularly scheduled meeting of the RCCC, all membership requests from organizations or individuals made at the prior meeting will be assumed as valid for purposes of determining voting rights. There are two categories of RCCC members: Organizational members, and Individual Members. Each Organizational or Individual Member shall pay an annual fee of $50.00. Annual fee waivers are available to homeless or formerly homeless Individual Members or other conditions as approved by the Governance Board.