Continuum of Care


San Diego Regional 

2014 NOFA Local Project Scoring Committee

2014 Scoring Committee Members
Judy Forrester - United Service Organization, Inc. (USO)
Karen Brailean - San Diego Social Venture Partners (Co-Chair, Designated Board Liaison)
Karen McCabe - Scripps Mercy Hospital
Nancy Sasaki - Funders Together to End Homelessness
Peter Callstrom - San Diego Workforce Partnership
Susan Bower - County of San Diego, HHSA (Co-Chair)
Katie Shirley - At Large
Nancy Rein – At Large
Branden Wermers – Wermers Companies
Mary Herron – Parker Foundation
Herb Johnson – San Diego Rescue Mission

Advisors to Scoring Committee
Camey Christenson - Consultant, CoC Application
Imelda McClendon – RTFH and Collaborative Applicant
Dolores Diaz – RTFH and Collaborative Applicant
Jessica Wishan - RCCC Project Director
Michael McConnell - At Large
Patricia Leslie - RCCC Facilitator
Simonne Ruff – Board member and Corporation for Supportive Housing
Jill Spangler – ABT Consulting and HUD Advisor Special Committees for Appeals Chief Mack Jenkins- Probation Department, County of San Diego
Karen Brailean - San Diego Social Venture Partners (Co-Chair, Designated Board Liaison)
Susan Bower - County of San Diego, HHSA (Co-Chair)

Each year the Department of Housing and Urban Development releases a NOFA (Notice of Funding Availability). In response to this funding opportunity, our local community forms an unbiased scoring committee to review and rank our local projects, and we use a scoring tool that is customized to San Diego to carry out this scoring activity.  While the scoring committee meets in confidentiality to carry out this work, the RCCC asks for community input regarding these scoring activities.

Members of the community were invited to share feedback in two ways:

1. Wednesday, September 17 from 2:30pm-4:00pm at the County of San Diego’s Operations Center: 5530 Overland Ave, Room #124, San Diego, CA 92123

An in-person forum to solicit feedback on this scoring process. All of your input will be documented. Please note that this forum will not be a table for open discussion or a place where decisions will be made, but rather will serve as an opportunity to ensure that your input will be heard, documented, and considered.

2. Those who could not attend the meeting in-person were asked to submit electronic feedback to the office of the RCCC Governance Board Chair Todd Gloria, by emailing Jessica Lawrence at Emails will be accepted for consideration until Friday, September 19th at 5:00pm.

In an effort to ensure a transparent process, community feedback is available for review; names of persons and projects have been de-identified to protect anonymity.